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EqualRXN Good Skin School

The Business of Cruelty-Free

Discover the evolving landscape of cruelty-free cosmetics as China's animal testing laws change. Uncover the truth behind guilt-free marketing tactics and the shift towards cruelty-free practices in the industry. While...

The Truth About Mixing Skincare Ingredients

So, you have been told by doctors, skincare influencers, brands, and experts about the dos and don’ts of mixing ingredients. Mixing the right ingredients can boost the effects of your...

Lactobionic Acid, The Queen Of All Acids

Lactobionic acid is a type of PHA, it is way less irritating compared to traditional AHAs; rather than causing sensitivity, it can actually enhance the skin barrier, thus making them...


We did a survey on our Instagram story on the topic of [Does Made in China = Lower Quality], and a surprising 17% of the viewers voted "Yes" on this question,...

The Truth About Animal Testing in China

“Brands that are sold in China are not cruelty-free” is a false and misleading statement.  *Disclaimer: EqualRXN is a cruelty-free brand that does not conduct animal testing on the ingredients...


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