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3 Golden Rules Every Oily and Acnegenic Skin Should Obey In The Winter

3 Golden Rules Every Oily and Acnegenic Skin Should Obey In The Winter

Keeping oily and acnegenic skin moisturized and balanced in the winter can be a difficult task; not moisturizing or using the right product, the skin can feel dry, leading to a compromised skin barrier. Slathering on too much moisturizer, on the other hand, can exacerbate acne. So what should oily skin do to keep their skin moisturized just right, but at the same time not to cause breakouts? Here are 3 golden rules every oily and acnegenic skin should obey when taking care of their skin in the winter:

1. Use Products That Contain High Humectants
2. Prevent Barrier Damage From the Root
3. Use A Light Moisturizer or Pair Serums to Moisturize


Use Products That Contain High Humectants

There are three kinds of moisturizing agents: humectants, occlusives, and emollients. Occlusives and emollients are commonly oil-soluble or partly oil-soluble, which gives them the property to soften and prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin. Not all Occlusives and emollients are comedogenic; comedogenicity depends on the overall formulation, but too many occlusives and emollients can be an issue for skin that is prone to clogged pores. Humectants, on the other hand, moisturize the skin by attracting moisture in the air and also retaining the moisture the usually heavier occlusives and emollients, so the comedogenicity is low to none. Some good humectants are lactobionic acid, glycerin, 4D hyaluronic acid, panthenol, and algae extracts.


Prevent Barrier Damage From the Root

One of EqualRXN's main skincare philosophies is that "prevention is the key". When the barrier is already damaged, the skin is kicked into overdrive mode to repair, inflammatory cytokines up-regulate, the skin becomes more sensitive. The key to a healthy barrier is actually barrier breakdown prevention. To prevent barrier breakdown, use a mild and soap-free cleanser, ingredients that would help to strengthen the barrier, and always protect the skin from UV.


Use A Light Moisturizer or Pair Serums to Moisturize

Sometimes oily skin really does not need a moisturizer if it already feels moisturized enough. "Non-comedogenic" is a claim that does not have any basis, so creams that claim to be non-comedogenic do not have any evidence to support that it will not clog pores; plus, most people's skin is different, so to say a product is non-comedogenic is a blanket statement. As easy as it sounds, the best way to avoid clogging pores is not to over-use moisturizers when your skin does not need them. Oily skin can find most moisturizers to be too heavy, and gel moisturizers to be not enough.

The best way to help oily skin moisturize would be to try to pair two light-weight but moisturizing serums together, in replacement of using a heavy moisturizer. For example, try pairing our Oat Milk PHA Serum (a serum high in humectant) with a serum that contains higher occlusives and emollients, such as Cocokind's Barrier Ceramide Serum (contains squalane, sunflower seed oil, cetyl alcohol, and ceramides) to seal in the moisture that the Oat Milk PHA Serum attracts.

Below are 4 products that you can reference to keep oily and acnegenic skin moisturized and balanced in the winter:


Cleanser: CeraVe Cream-to-Foam Facial Cleanser

Gentle surfactants and contains ingredients that help to protect the skin barrier, such as ceramides, amino acids, and emulsifying surfactants that moisturizes the skin, gently remove dirt and makeup.


Toner: Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Toner Plus

A non-comedogenic, lightweight moisturizing toner that contains 5 types of hyaluronic acids (HAs), polysaccharides, and anti-inflammatory plant extracts. Hyaluronic acid functions differently depending on the size. Smaller fragmented HA, such as hydrolyzed HA, goes deeper into the skin to moisturize; HA polymers sit on top of the skin preventing moisture loss.

Serum 1 - High in Humectants: EqualRXN Oat Milk PHA Serum

Lactobionic aid is a great moisturizing ingredient, it is more potent in attracting moisture than glycerin. The serum contains almost 13% of humectants, as well as snow mushroom polysaccharide and 4 seed butters to help seal the moisture in. Lactobionic acid gently increases skin cells turnover rate and oat milk repair inflammation, the combination is great for oily and acnegenic skin.

Serum 2 - Lock in Moisture: Cocokind Ceramide Barrier Serum

Contains squalane, 5 kinds of ceramides, pre-ceramide, and other moisturizing ingredients that help to seal in the moisture and repair the skin barrier. Because of the more emulsified texture, the Ceramide Barrier Serum is a good addition to use after the Oat Milk PHA Serum to lock in the moisture the latter attracts.

While these 4 products mentioned above are recommended, it is not necessary that you must use them. Ensuring the 3 points mentioned above: use products that contain high humectants, prevent barrier damage from the root, and use a light-weight moisturizer or combine serums to moisturize will help your oily and acnegenic skin get through this winter moisturized and balanced.

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