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Skin goes through the cycle of equilibrium.

When skin issues appear, the skin is kicked into overdrive mode to repair itself. Rather than treating the skin reactively and chasing after fixing skin issues (e.g., hyperpigmentation, breakouts, or redness), a better approach would be to protect and pamper our skin proactively, not letting our skin go beyond the equilibrium. EqualRXN is aimed to maintain and improve skin health at its root, treating all skins sensitively.


EqualRXN was founded by a team of chemistry nerds, skincare fanatics, and beauty industry professionals. We came together under one mission: to bring back skin equilibrium. Our brand name is pronounced “Equal Reaction” because we are passionate about creating efficacious formulations that react with your skin perfectly to establish a better equilibrium.


We thrive to use the most effective ingredients, but it doesn't just stop there; to achieve the optimal results, we place the importance of ingredients synergy above all else. There are also over 70+ ingredients we are not using in all of our formulations, such as artificial colorants, animal derived ingredients, parabens, and alcohols (with low molecular weight).


We are a brand that focuses on science; therefore, we will not make any natural and organic claims. “Synthetic ingredients are bad” is a misconception, and “natural” ingredients do not mean that they are gentle. For example, silicones, vitamin C derivatives, and retinoids are all synthesized ingredients, but they are some of the best ingredients for the skin, yet essential oils and certain plant extracts can be sensitizing and irritating to the skin. Natural or synthetic, we aim to use the best ingredients possible to compose gentle and effective formulations that will proactively improve your skin at its root.


At EqualRXN, we strive for transparency and to produce sustainable, well-researched, and effective products, also products that are accessible with compliant with retailer ingredients restrictions. To achieve this goal, we have built a formulation “blacklist” with over 70+ ingredients that we vow to never use, and we will continue to evaluate and upgrade our ingredient listings and formulations based on the latest data available through industry sources, suppliers, and feedback from our consumers.


Skincare routines are done during the most important times of the day: before starting our day and before calling it a day. Because we are glad to be part of your journey to greater self-care, we make sure to put in the effort and are passionate about engineering great products with high efficacy. There are 6 product development pillars we strictly adhere to:


Treating Every Skin Sensitively

There is absolutely no reason to treat your skin harshly; Irritating products can lead to skin inflammation, dryness, and exacerbate aging. Every skin should be treated sensitively.

Proactively Protecting For Skin Equilibrium

Instead of trying to fix skin issues, a better approach would be to protect and pamper our skin proactively, not letting our skin go beyond the point of equilibrium.

Science Powered and Wellness Inspired

We value science, but also treasure the power of nature. All of our formulations are aimed to combine science with premium phytochemicals and nutraceuticals.

Good Formulation > Ingredients % Claims

Competing for ingredient % is a growing problem in our community. Just like adding salt is essential for cooking a savory dish, but too much salt can ruin the recipe, we strive to have great formulations that work together well synergistically, rather than chasing after % claims.

Obeying The Less is More Rule

Multi-functional and multi-beneficial products can help to reduce waste, eliminate potential negative skin reactions, and save you time.

Effective Yet Affordable

We believe in transparency to our consumers and be able to provide products at a fair price, without sacrificing the performance and cosmetic elegancy.