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Register an account with our store 100 EQUAL Points

Review on Amazon 500 EQUAL Points

Follow us on Instagram 150 EQUAL Points


Like us on Facebook 150 EQUAL Points

Place an order 5 EQUAL Points for every $1 spent

Celebrate a birthday 50 EQUAL Points

Subscribe to our newsletter 200 EQUAL Points

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Create an account to get your first 100 EQUAL Points.

Easy Ways to Earn

Check out the easy ways to earn points, such as liking us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter.

Redeem EQUAL points

Redeem points for heavy discounts on your favorite products!

Or... give us a review on Amazon for 300 ($3 worth) points!

We would love you can help us to grow our business on Amazon! All of our products are sold on Amazon with 2-days shipping. Purchase through Amazon, leave us a review, then screenshot your review and purchase history to with the title "Amazon Review Rewards", we will then add 300 EQUAL points to your account.

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How to join?

Simply just create an account with us!

How do I earn EQUAL Points?

100 EQUAL Points is added to your account when you register with us.

Some other easy ways to earn points are:

Review our products on Amazon (500 EQUAL Points for each review per product, which is equivalent to $5 coupon!)

Place an order (5 EQUAL Points for every $1 spent)

Like us on Facebook (150 EQUAL Points)

Follow us on Instagram (150 EQUAL Points)

Subcribe to EqualRXN newsletter (200 EQUAL Points)

Celebrate birthday (50 EQUAL Points)

How many review do I need to write on Amazon to get EQUAL Points?

As many as you want! The more review you write, the more EQUAL Points you will receive!

I wrote a review on Amazon, what's next?

Send the screenshot of the review, then drop us an email at with the email title "Amazon Review Rewards". We will check the validity of the review and if it meets our standard, 500 EQUAL Points (which is equivalent to $5 coupon) will be granted to your EqualRXN website account immediately.

How do I view my EQUAL Point balance?

To view your EQUAL Point balance, check the "LOYALTY & REFERRAL PROGRAM" blue pop up bar at the right bottom of the page.

How do I redeem my EQUAL Points?

Log into your account, click the "LOYALTY & REFERRAL PROGRAM" pop-up, then select "ways to redeem". You will receive a coupon in your email for the discount, use the coupon at check-out for a discount!

Do the EQUAL Points expire?

No, your EQUAL Points will not expire.

I have not earned EQUAL Points after completed an action that should’ve earned points. What do I do?

In this case, contact us via chat box at the left bottom of the page, or email us at, we will take a look and make adjustments to help you.

Is there a limit to the number of EQUAL Points I can earn?

No, you can totally decide on how many EQUAL Points you want to earn.

Will I still earn EQUAL Points if my order is cancelled?

Unfortunately, no. EQUAL Points that are associated with the cancelled order will be deducted from your EQUAL points balance.

How do I leave EQUAL Loyalty Club?

If you want to leave the EQUAL LOYALTY CLUB, just email us at and we will deactive your account.

In case you want to re-enroll to our Club, worry not! You just need to create a new account. However, please note that all your past EQUAL Points from the old account will be lost, and your EQUAL Points balance in the new account will be set as zero.


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